Boyz N The Hood Communication Styles

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The movie “Boyz N’ the Hood” is a story centered on the issues that are seen in the urban areas of Los Angeles every day. Tre (the main character) is raised in a way that seems to be correct but he still ends up being a part of criminal activity. While watching this film in an academic setting it is easy to see the social and political reform messages that are being communicated to the audience. On the political side it is easy to see the race and ethnicity of the film maker while on the social side the audience can tell the filmmaker is spreading a message. All together “Boyz N’ the Hood” is a very good film that depicts the type of stuff that happens in the poorer parts of Los Angeles. While watching this movie it does not take long to realize that most of the characters are black men. Also the communication style between the characters is very different from an average American that may be watching the movie. Through viewing the culture and communication styles of the characters it is very easy to tell that the director of the film has some experience in this type of life style. A good example of this is when Tre tells the story about hooking up with a girl. He tells a story about sneaking into a girl’s house then the grandma coming in and almost catching him (Singleton, 1991). After watching the movie research can show that the…show more content…
The film brings light to issues that the general public doesn’t really realize are happening. Drug and gang violence are large issues in America and this movie shows that. The largest example showing violence from the movie is when Ricky gets shot by the Bloods in the leg because of issues that Doughboy created (Singleton, 1991). This violent scene has the biggest effect on the audience and it truly educates people watching the movie. This also leads to another message that the director cooperating through the

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