Boyz N The Hood Parenting Styles

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I am grateful to be in the position I am today. My parents tried to move away from the Asian stereotype that all Asian parents tend to be more Authoritarian. My parents decided to be more permissive-indulgent; they would set fewer rules than more parents, were more caring than most parents, were more open to their children’s ideas, etc. While that may seem like the perfect parenting style and one may assume that with that type of parenting style, I would be set up for success. However, my parents would spoil their children and this type of behaviour would carry on throughout the years. As a result, many common skills such as learning how to prepare food, learning how to do laundry or even folding clothes, many children would have learned that…show more content…
Banks was frowned upon because of how she treated her children. While Mrs. Banks parenting style was not the best, it is unfair to judge her without knowing what her family has gone through. Mrs. Banks is a single mother who must take care of her two sons. One of her sons is a troublemaker who’s always getting himself into trouble. Fortunately, her other son, Ricky seems to be headed towards the right direction which makes his mother more inclined to support Ricky rather than Darrin. Mrs. Baker must play both role of the mother and father, which can pose as a huge problem because. Darrin has had a tough life. The absence of his father has had a toll on his mental state on top of all the stress he may have been receiving from his mother and living in poverty. Tre and Darrin’s family are also similar in the sense that they both do not live with both of their parents in the same house hold. The difference is that Tre still has contact with his father which means that he has a father figure in his life. Many male children look up to their fathers as their role models; hoping one day, they can be just like their father. As we can tell in the movie, Tre Styles grew up to be a responsible young man just like his father, while Darrin, who had no father figure, was influenced by his
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