Boyz N The Hood Reaction

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Boyz N the Hood was a powerful movie that came out in 1991. The writer and director John Singleton, is one of the top-grossing African American filmmaker. Who wanted to show the world the harsh reality of drugs abuse, racism, gangs, violence, and poverty that happens too often in African American communities, and other communities as well. This movie was shown to expose those harsh realities and how dangerous it is for people especially younger boys. It was to help spread awareness of what really happens in those community. The story is based in South Los Angeles California, where the unfortunate things happen. In the movie a young boy Tre Styles, is acting out and not respecting others because of what he’s been taught. His mother is concerned that she cannot do anything to stop her son from acting out. So she sends her son to live with his father Furious Styles, who is a mortgage broker. He lives in a area that is filled with violence, poverty, and gangs. He knows the difference since having been through it. He does not want his son to do be doing the things that a person from a gang would. Tre’s father is very strict and tries to discipline his son by trying to teach his son from right and wrong. Tre has two best friends who are half brothers Dough Boy and Ricky Baker. There is a huge…show more content…
Now there is always something in the news where a black person is getting shot by the police who are supposed to protect them. Young boys and girls will be walking down the street will have some kind of toy and get mistaken for a real gun will get killed and nobody is held accountable but the child. This movie really was influential and emphasized the importance for kids to have a good role model to help them stay on the right path. Because a kid without a role model will most likely end up harming themselves and others around
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