Boyz N The Hood Thesis

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John Singleton is a phenomenal film director who is also known for the critically acclaimed movie Boyz N the Hood; I was surprised to find that this outstanding director is also from the same background as the characters in his films; he grew up in South Central Los Angeles. How he got introduced to the film is that in his teens every day he volunteered as a Gofer for USC film school, eventually, they allow him to attend as a student, there he studied to be a director. So he watches and experience and grew up around the areas of South Central Los Angeles, enough to reflect the same images in his films exactly how it is in South Central Los Angeles. Another significant film Singleton directed was a film called “Baby Boy” which tells about a …show more content…

There is so much violence because it reflects how many blacks are mad and angry because society places them in this confined discriminatory category, they filled trapped in the ghetto/hood. Violence is the only way they can resolve their problems and exploit their anger. Growing up in a society like the hood black men are often like infants, they live at home with their mothers, they called their women momma, they called their friend's boys, and they call their home a “crib”, which is a clear reflection in the Film “Baby Boy” Jody eventually gets haunted with graphic dreams of how his life could end up, it’s either two ways in the deaths or behind a jail cell, which is represented as a nightmare. However, living within the hood mentality realistically that is how the streets are you either get killed or end up in prison. The director uses flashbacks and dreams to slow down the time as well as engage his audience more. It also is a symbol to send a deeper

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