Strategies In Crisis Management

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What strategies and skills are in place when a disaster happens at an organization trusted with the care and safety of the sick? Crises more times are often unpredictable, so it is important to have a plan in place. While there is no perfect plan for the prevention of a crisis, concentrating on the following areas overall in acquiring the strategies to prevent and understand crises before they happen:

1. Training: Organizations leaders are lacking the knowledge of effective communication during and after a crisis. "Leaders must continually challenge themselves to consider not only undesirable situations but also what their role is in creating environments where bad things happen" Subrat Panda. (2016, pg. 67)
2. Preparation: Forming a crisis management team to help identify weak points and develop appropriate counteractions. Provide the proper resources, support materials to meet the potential needs of a crisis
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The benefits of good crisis management can save lives, prevent loss, and save an organization from the
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