Bp Trinidad And Tobagco Case Study

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Introduction BP Trinidad and Tobago (bpTT), a BP Group member is the leading energy company in Trinidad and Tobago’s energy industry. Being the country’s largest energy producer, it operates a total of 14 offshore production platforms, which accounts for approximately 60% of the States oil and gas production. Approximately 65% of the natural gas produced is exported as LNG, with the majority going to the United States, while the rest is consumed through power generation, as fuel and other downstream industries locally. The company is of the firm belief that their ability to be a sustainable energy company they must develop all aspects of the local expertise for the petroleum industry, from exploration to platform design and construction and…show more content…
and Chet Morrison Ltd. To date, the company has successfully completed nine major fabrication projects. The first project that TOFCO embarked on was the fabrication of the Cannonball Gas Platform. The decision to stop the construction of for the offshore energy sector outside of Trinidad and Tobago was that of the government since they saw missed opportunities for employment and economic activities and loss foreign exchange earnings. It was a realization of theirs that fabrication capabilities were important for the country’s economic development. It was through this vision of the T&T government, BPTT, and the private sector capital, TOFCO, was created. BPTT collaborated with TOFCO in 2005 to construct and deliver TOFCO’s first major project; an 1800-ton drilling platform, the Cannonball (TOFCO, 2018). The site of construction was the LABIDCO Estate south of Trinidad. The Cannonball platform was named after a local tree that bears multi-colored balls of flowers. It was only the second drilling platform to be built in the country but the first ever to be built from the ground up. The construction began in February 2005 and ended in late 2005 and went into full operation in January 2006. The rig was unmanned and fully automated by BPTT, in an effort to increase safety and reduce its operating cost through remote…show more content…
Platform Purpose Its main purpose was to extract natural gas and forward it through pipelines to Atlantic LNG’s train 4 and Pheonix Park Gas Processors. It was designed to process 1 billion CFD of natural gas. (Fluor.com, n.d.) Construction Cost The cost of construction for Cannonball platform was 1.5 billion US dollars with an overrun cost of 10 million US dollars. This overrun came as a result of the construction of the rig in Trinidad. Construction Dates February 2005 to December 2005. Although the construction date began later than anticipated the construction phase ended two weeks before the scheduled delivery

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