Brac Bank Case Study

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In Bangladesh, BRAC Bank is an exclusive profit-making bank pointed on little and moderate Enterprises. On 4th July 2001, BRAC Bank was established to extend the huge amount of unbanked individuals who were not protected by traditional bank. Now at present, 400+ ATM networks are personalized by BRAC Bank. To the enlargement of Bangladesh, BRAC Bank’s aim is to approach with mass financing to allow mass production and mass consumption. Throughout the country, BRAC Bank schemes to set benchmark as the market leader in Bangladesh by creating economic, friendly and fully automatic online service on a successful support pointing to come up with trade funding work to the customers’ door. Up to this year, BRAC Bank limited created thirty-six branches.…show more content…
Web advertising allows us to create relations with the consumers and prediction as a result of frequently, cheap price individualized dealings, throwing back the move out from majority trading. In the same way, BRAC Bank is also offering internet marketing to the consumers.
The benefits to consumers of BRAC Bank using internet marketing includes:
 Customers stay updated: The web has changed consumer shopping addiction and with quick mechanical expansions getting to the web has become less demanding than at any other time. Individuals can get to the web whenever and wherever they like.
 Instant Comparisons – Customers Can Compare Prices and Features: One of the best benefit for the consumer is that they can differentiate the items or works they wish to buy from the comfort of their own homes. Instead of visiting a various distinctive retail shops, the consumer importantly needs to open different internet window tabs to think about costs or features of the commodity or benefit they wish to buy.
 Clear Product Information For The Customer: Sites are contributing clear and reliable product data to all web clients. There is less possibility of misunderstanding or mishearing what the sales man said as in a retail
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