Bracero Program Research Paper

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During 1942-1964 many Mexican immigrants were “given” the “opportunity” to enter the United States in order to labor and help the United States economic industry. For many immigrants the bordering country was seen as an exceptional place that offered great opportunities but at the same time many family difficulties. The Bracero Program during the 20th century for many Mexicans was seen as an exceptional deal that offered immigrants and infinite amount of opportunities to succeed; however, in Ejemplar y sin igual we realize that the Bracero Program in reality was not the “exceptional program” everyone thought. In Ejemplar y sin igual, Elizabeth Rosas mentions that “an entire generation of children experienced uniquely difficult childhoods because…show more content…
Although relatives were in the United States and earning money that did not mean that everything on “the other side” was going well, many family members were earning money, yet they were not sending/earning enough to provide for those who had stayed behind in Mexico. In order to have a better life children began to work and push themselves as much as needed in order to prove to others that they were exemplary and without equal. Many children entered the United States with hopes to find their relatives and work; however, the children were soon “captured” by the Works Progress Administration and “the organization argued that much more should be done to place these children in agricultural labor camps because they had demonstrated a remarkable ability to exceed employer expectations without making any demands” (189). The decision made by the Works Progress Administration had a negative effect, many children started to get exploited by middle-class individuals, children had to work without complaining but most importantly they were seen as “cheerful and illegal” (190). Children were seen as cheerful when in reality they were having a hard time coping with the situation; however, the children portrayed cheerfulness in order to seem exceptional while
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