Bracking Cooking Methods

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Blanching is a cooking method that usually cooked with vegetable or hard shell fruits. Blanching cooking is put the food substances into boiling water because make that food substances removed the shell or skin and take it out placed into cold water to prepared served food.
Blanching using boiling water to cook to make the food removed the skin or shell and takes it out placed in cold water it is because using techniques to make the food maintain their color and soft can mixing or cooked with other food or using for food presentation.
Stewing is one of the cooking methods. That have similarities with the slow moistly heat cooking method. A stewing cooking usually cooking for the tender meat and cutting in chunk with cooked in liquid because
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Steaming can do with steam oven or stove top. And a pot put little amount of the liquid. When cooking, the item should put in a steamer basket above liquid and so cover the pot . The hot steam around the pot , and the food will be cooked faster . This technique name is (compartment steaming).
We can choose steaming to cook type of food such like, fish, vegetables ,rice and even sweet pudding .Some of the food can cooked with steam , example like rice, vegetable and more. When simmering, some of the type of vegetable will become soggy. Steaming is really an excellent cooking method. With steaming fish, the natural liquor can retained by serving with fish.
Boiling is the food been cooked at a high temperature that 212 degrees at sea level. All the liquid will mix up vigorously when bubble break through and pop up on the surface when liquids boiling. Water vapor appear when have bubble, it’s a gas rise to surface. Boiling point elevation is when adding some water soluble substance, example like salt or sugar, the boiling point will increase.
Food that can used to boiling such like vegetable, eggs , soup ,sauces, glazes, fish, meat and even stocks. Boiling is safe and simple, but although boiling is seen like a easy cooking method, also must cookery care very well in prepare, time and finish the items. Boiling produced nutritious and well flavor

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