Brad Blanton: Honestly, Just Tell The Truth

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Dictionary.Com defines lying, as a false statement made with a deliberate intent to deceive; and intentional untruth; a falsehood. I believe lying is only acceptable to protect and care for others. Certain lies are okay, if they are used correctly. For example, in the article, “Brad Blanton: Honestly, just tell the truth”, by Barbara Ballinger, Blanton states that “we shouldn’t manipulate the truth except for the rare times…”. I believe that the only lies that should be told are lies to protect individuals who are in need. You shouldn’t manipulate the truth, either you tell the truth or lie when yourself or others are in danger. Additionally, in Ballinger's article, Blanton also states “ if you’re hiding Anne Frank in your attic because her life is in danger, then you should lie.…show more content…
For example, in article, “It’s the truth: Americans Conflicted about lying”, by, states that, “For, Harold Smith, it was worth a risk when he lied to his adult daughter about his health when undergoing treatment for a kidney tumor…”. I believe that he was right by lying to his adult daughter, he used lying to protect his daughter, he didn't want to hurt her. In this situation lying would be acceptable, he used it in the correct way, to protect himself and others. Additionally, in article, “It’s the truth: Americans conflicted about lying”, by, states that, “why get her all traumatized? Says Smith, 64 of Pioneer, Calif. I tried to protect her. It slowed down the anxiety, later he told her what really
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