'Brad Blanton: Honestly, Tell The Truth'

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How do you feel when you lie? Anxious? Stressed? If so, then why are you lying in the first place? Personally I believe lying isn’t needed except for life or death situations. In the articles, “Brad Blanton:Honestly, Tell the Truth,” by Barbara Ballinger and “Rejecting all lies:Immanuel Kant,” by Sissela Bok they both think the same as well except Kant thinks even in life or death situations don’t lie. In the article,”Brad Blanton:Honestly Tell the Truth,” it shows that lying can be very stressful. As Blanton said,”Because it keeps you locked in the jail of your own mind”(Ballinger 7). This shows it can be stressful because since you lie, the truth somewhat wants to come out. That is an example of how lying is more stressful than just being
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