Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: The Rise Of Technology

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The National Science Foundation has predicted the future when they said, “technology will have transformed American home, business, manufacturing, school, family and political life.” The report ' 'Teletext and Videotex in the United States, ' ' cites that teletext and videotext will blow everyone’s minds just like vehicles and televisions did. The results of this can be positive to open the doors for a variety of family activities, hobbies, and legacies. Yet the rise of technology, and especially videotext, can result in negativity, because it is most likely the privacy will decrease further. This goes beyond family life, as political and economic issues can be held at risk. The study also mentions working-from-home, which is very popular these days due to videotext and social media, online “home-based” shopping, and chat groups for people dealing with specific issues rather than people in the same grade in school. Lastly, the rising information technology will bring work and home closer together and that will inevitably require for better management methods, and the diversity of political leaders will take place.

3. Choose one of the following items to research.

a. Research Senator Joseph McCarthy 's anti-Communist crusade of the early 1950s, and write a paper discussing how it may have influenced Bradbury 's writing of Fahrenheit 451.

Bradbury wrote the book during 1950–1953 in Los Angeles, California when Senator McCarthy was up-and-coming. Bradbury may have taken
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