Bradbury's Influence On Fahrenheit 451

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This interview reveals aspects of Bradbury 's personality and influences. His voice and language demonstrate his incredible passion and loving nature, notably for books. He discloses how current events, specifically the Nazi book burnings, influenced Fahrenheit 451. With this, readers can better understand Bradbury 's warning and motivation against censorship.

Brians describes the dystopia genre and its origins; lists prominent novels; summarizes common ideas and themes expressed. He relates ideologies at the time of Fahrenheit 451 's creation with those in contemporary society. Brians connects the recurring themes of the genre with both the novel and modern society; particularly of suppression, control, blind conformity, and the dangers of mass media.

Connor argues how Plato 's Allegory of the Cave is relevant to Fahrenheit 451 by
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Fox 's dissertation incorporates multiple sources to demonstrate how historical context heavily impacted Fahrenheit 451. Fox elaborates on the ideas of mass culture homogenization, fear mongering, government secrecy, materialism, propaganda, and rebellion; all of which occurred during the novel 's creation. These concepts unify to show the themes of conformity and repression through censorship.

McGiveron explores the theme of wilderness in Fahrenheit 451 through Bradbury 's descriptive language and the characters of Clarisse McClellan and Faber. He specifically illustrates the significance of appreciation, humility, and respect toward nature. McGiveron 's analysis reveals the neglected subtheme of wilderness which introduces a new perspective to many characters in the novel.

Sisario highlights many Biblical and literary allusions found in Fahrenheit 451 and justifies their role. He describes their effectiveness regarding the novel 's ideas of shallowness in contemporary society, and the solution found in hope and optimism. The study analyzes Bradbury 's use of allusions and their impact in developing the theme of life
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