Braddie In William Miller's Lyddie By Katherine Paterson

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Everyday, everybody makes decisions, some turn out great and others face harsh consequences. This was true for Lyddie Worthen who exists only in the mind of the author of the book Lyddie, Katherine Paterson. Lyddie is a young girl whose family is in some big debt, due to her father leaving to find riches. Her mother takes her sisters and sends Lyddie to a tavern and her brother to a mill. After a while at the tavern, she took an unauthorized vacation and got fired in the process. She then went from her home in Vermont, to Lowell, Massachusetts. In Lowell she gets a job in a factory to pay off her father’s debt. Now, Lyddie does not exist in our time, for she is in the 1800’s during the Industrial Revolution. She has a friend that works in the same factory…show more content…
One is the overall environment of the factory and job life. After Lyddie’s first day she went back to the boarding houses and then started her second day, she walked in and after a while “Now that she thought of it, she could hardly breath,...”(75) Lyddie then proceeded to run to the hot, closed window, gasping for air that didn’t exist but Diana brought her back to the loom. Some conditions caused awful injuries “A girl had slipped on the icy staircase in the rush to dinner.”(101) Getting injured is a serious matter therefore there is another reason for Lyddie to sign the petition. After her first day of doffing, Rachel had gone to bed and Lyddie was close to follow “She began to lie awake listening for the awful sound, until she finally knew she must send the child away - anywhere just so she wasn’t breathing this poison air.”(139) After a while Lyddie had the courage to send Rachel with Charlie to the mill he was working at. For Lyddie the work environment was absolutely atrocious and not only is it affecting herself but also her family and friends. This environment is weakening her and draining her energy. This problem leaves her sick and

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