Bradford Short Story Essay

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Bradford isn’t just the story of the year for OU football.He’s been one of college football’s most compelling stories all season,and it began,humbly enough,when he played scout team quarterback for the OU defense last season.His turn performing a largely unwanted task impressed head coach Bob Stoops and when Bradford got his shot with the offense during last season’s Fiesta Bowl.Stoops was watching.Bradford won the Heisman Trophy his sophomore at the Oklahoma Sooners.Bradford turned into one of the best redshirt freshman of the season He is also the trigger man for the highest scoring offense in NCAA history.He again led the nation In passing and also added five rushing touchdowns advanced to the BCS national title game.…show more content…
Kelly was fired;Philadelphia moved up in the draft to snag Carson Wentz.That vote of no Confidence provoked a rare fit of pique in the usually even Bradford,who announced he Wanted a trade.Helping Bradford come to peace with being stuck in Philly,sharing the Position with the team’s QB of the future,was his Christian faith in general and a passage From the Book of James in particular. :Another Mike Yorkey Six weeks into what is shaping up to be another Stephen King kind season in Cleveland,Pryor is the lone beam of sunlight.His team leading 33 grabs for 413 yards and three TD’s in fact his PFF’s are more impressed considering that more than half of those passes have come from the team’s third and fourth string passers.There is an old Native saying that may be appropriate:The honor of one is the honor of all,”says Cook,a 1960 OU graduate who is also Cherokee.Sam quiet
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