Bradley Manning Thesis

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Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning was recently set for 21 days in solitary confinement, after a search of her cell following a near altercation in the cafeteria. She spent the time leading up to it in indefinite solitary confinement until the hearing. The guards finding expired toothpaste, the memoirs of Malala Yousafzai, a magazine(the Caitlyn Jenner magazine cover), with Chelsea herself being a transgendered individual who has wrote multiple op-eds for several different publications regarding government, technology, and gender. Manning is more famously known for her role in the disclosing to WikiLeaks 750,000 classified, or sensitive military and diplomatic documents and material. Material such as a Baghdad airstrike July…show more content…
All of the outlets concluded that these documents were genuine in comparison with independent reports. Manning was subsequently charged with 22 offenses, including the most dire of charges being aiding the enemy which could have resulted in a death sentence. Manning received a 35 year sentence.For queen and country I suppose. Wait, wrong country. She was then held at the Marine Corps Big in Virginia from July to April classified under a “Prevention of Injury” status, which equates to solitary confinement. After being transferred to Fort Leavenworth here in Kansas. The location where the incident with the toothpaste and magazine took place. The charges will mean solitary confinement if found guilty of the offense with the toothpaste and magazines. Solitary confinement is a means of punishment, and its length is dictated by the military authorities. This is just officials messing with Manning as punishment for her actions, nothing more. It is actions out of fear and anger, like an older brother angry that his younger brother told who broke the window. This solitary confinement also means restriction of interviews and access to the legal

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