Bradstreet Vs Edwards

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Loyalty and the Punishment That Follows a Puritan
When it comes to spreading religious beliefs you can always wonder how much is too much. In typical Puritan culture life is considered a temptation to sin and you must always be grateful for what god has given you. Writing is a way to connect to god and spread a direct, powerful message to the followers of Puritan life. In result of their religion, bible allusions are commonly used throughout their writings. When comparing the two authors, Bradstreet and Edwards, one must look at some of their most common works. To be more specific in this essay we look to “Upon the Burning of Our House” by Anne Bradstreet and “Sinners in the hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edwards. We also analyze their style, personality, and literary devices to discover the reasoning behind their works.
The styles between Anne
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In this quote from Mrs. Bradstreet, she is showing that everything that is gone now, does not matter to her, all that matters is that god is still here, “There’s wealth enough, I need no more” (line 51). She doesn’t need anything when she has god. Mr. Edwards on the other hand, uses fear and doubt to guilt his listeners into becoming apart of the Puritan lifestyle when he says, “God has so many different ways of taking wicked men out of this world” (pg.120). In this quote from “Sinners in the Angry Hand of God” Mr. Edwards reminds his listeners that they could die any day due to their sins without god. Edwards has a common theme of bringing up constantly that god is holding them all over a giant pit that leads to hell, “Held in the hand of god, over the pit of hell.” (pg 126), and that if they chose to join the Puritans, they won’t be dropped in. From their different styles, it can be also inferred they also have very different
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