Brahmanism, Animism, And Buddhism And The Thai Culture

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Thailand is known to have been influenced in terms of culture, religion, art, architecture, and language by various countries and civilizations throughout its history. This paper is going to focus on the field of religion and belief to explore how Brahmanism, Animism, and Buddhism have been harmonized and demonstrated in Thai culture. Through it, we somehow can find explanation for the manners, beliefs, behaviors and perceptions of Thai people. In my opinion, it is better to get the idea of what each religion is about before coming to learn about their integration as well as manifestation into the culture of Thailand.


According to the studies that I have read, Brahmanism is an ancient religion in India that evolved out of Vedism [1], and it is the earlier state of Hinduism. The people who follow Brahmanism believe that such things like rain, ocean, the sun, war, and storm are represented by their Gods: Shiva, Indra, Varuna, and Surya. The Brahmans are the priests who are paid to take charge of religious rituals conduct to make sure that the prayers of their people are heard by their Gods, and there would not be such natural disasters like famine, diseases, drought or flood. During the rituals, the Brahmans will bring up rules about the sacrifices and the rituals, and they also teach about afterlife [2].


Animism is a belief that there is no boundary between the material and spiritual world, which means souls and spirits exist not only in human beings,

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