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Using Active Brain Breaks to Enhance Students in Learning within the Traditional Classroom
As the world changes, people's knowledge and ability also change. As we look at how the classroom was set up fifty years ago, based on lecture learning. This style has not changed much when everything else around us has developed drastically. The motivation to learn has lowered in students because they weren't engaged in their classes. The ability to engage students is through motivating them to take breaks. In this paper, you will find the importance of motivation in students and physical activity. There are studies of active learning to combine both positive attributes in learning. A style that focuses on short movements in a matter of minutes
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The little movements such as stretching and taking a rest for the brain also improves learning. A way to combine motivation and physical activity is through brain breaks. Brain breaks are typically made up of physical movements and mental challenges to help teachers engage students to get the most out of learning. Having a break is a quick way to focus on the mental learning abilities of the class. On average brain breaks last 5 minutes. There are many benefits of adding brain breaks to the traditional classroom. They help students the ability to rest and empower the mind. Breaks are a great transition activity or a way to start the class. The research concludes that brain breaks help relieve stress and allow students to concentrate on the task being taught ( ). Also, new evidence shows that children with learning challenges require a break from academic learning, as well as other students in the classroom. Giving brain breaks and having the class focus on the task helps improve their standard ability to work (Ramsay & Rostain, 2003). When students are actively involved, they have a greater focus on other tasks throughout the…show more content…
One of the more difficult subjects that lose interest among students is math. Math can be challenging for some students to understand. According to Minetola, Ziegenfuss, & Kent Chrisman (2014), combining math terminology with students' current learning ability, increased brain tiredness or anxiety caused by the required focus needed for longer periods of time. Breaks are necessary when learning. The importance of Math in the world is used as a tool to help create evidence and advancements in the world today. The problems become complex which takes more brain use, causing the mind to become exhausted. Allowing students to rest the mind during a common core subject such as math, allows refocusing and mental rest, so their engagement in class is greater. The largest participation in class the more motivation to work harder and challenge the brain for longer periods of
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