Brain Cancer Informative Speech

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Brain cancer is one of the many cancers that have led people to an early and even a painful death. This cancer is cancer of the central information processing center of the body. Tumor in the brain can be either malignant or benign, and can happen to anyone at any age or time. There are two types of these brain tumors that are the cause of brain cancer. Primary brain tumors and secondary brain tumors. Primary brain tumors initially start in the brain tissue of the head. Secondary brain cancer are cancers that are spread to the brain tissue from somewhere else in the body. The symptoms for brain cancer can either be specific or general. A general symptom is mainly caused by pressure of the tumor on the brain itself or on the spinal cord. The…show more content…
With all of the factors being considered by your doctor, he or she will talk with you about how soon the treatment should begin after your diagnosis. For a low-grade brain tumor the first thing considered is surgery, especially if the whole tumor can be removed. If it all wasn’t removed after surgery, most likely radiation and chemotherapy will be used as treatment. For a high-grade tumor treatment usually begins with surgery and will be followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. But with different patients, the treatments will differ from person to person. The body’s blood-brain barrier will normally protect the brain and the spinal cord from the harmful chemicals entering the structures through the bloodstream. Although, this barrier also keeps out many of the types of chemo. In some cases the removal surgery can be difficult. Even whenever the surgeon can completely remove the original tumor, there could still be little parts of the tumor that are too small to be seen or removed. Surgery is the removal of the tumor and surrounding tissue during a operation. Surgery being the first treatment for a low-grade brain tumor is often the only treatment that will be

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