Brain Development Research Paper

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Introduction: According to the Red Cross movement Child abuse and neglect is any physical, psychological that causes harm or emotional damage to a child. Child abuse and neglect are topics that have been debated throughout history due to the diverse views on its legality that emerge when the form is brought into discussion. Brain development is the most important aspect in a child’s life and it’s a major factor in determining the person he/she will later become. Evidence suggests that, it’s not rather the type of abuse, but the levels of stress triggered by the abuse alongside the areas of the brain that are affected during the child’s development that are the major factors in the negative effects of mental upbringing and social maturity.…show more content…
It’s though mother emotional neglect the main type of abuse that generally leaves the most permanent marks on children. In his article, Glayer references two studies in which a number of children had experienced some source of neglect and or emotional unavailability by their mothers. The findings demonstrated disabilities in social situations and attentiveness with elementary school children. Cognitively underachieving characteristics were also observed in the children. Even though neglect has been observed as principal form of maltreatment, physical and psychological abuses are not to be taken out of the picture. According to Kolk, Hopper and Crozier, all forms of maltreatment have the ability to have significant lasting effects on “cognition, behavior, affect and social interaction.” And can affect neurotransmitter and neuroendocrine systems as well as the immune system of a child. The level of trauma experienced is subjective to the child’s background, age, and environment; amongst numerous other factors but it’s usually affected with an experience of child abuse. It is rather important to note that as the statistics show, all types of abuse, not only neglect have the ability to create major negative impacts in any child’s brain development. Every type of abuse may give us a clue as to why we still see high levels of crime, violence, and further abuse to continue to haunt the world today. It’s our objective to try and eradicate this form of maltreatment completely in order to have a more stable
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