Brain Drain Case Study

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QUESTION 2 “Malaysia faces an exodus of talent in which emigration of high skill individuals with the intention of holding permanent employment in foreign countries consequently lead to an issue of brain drain”. Examine the implications it brings and suggest some practical initiatives to overcome the issue of brain drain in Malaysia. ___________________________________________________________________________ Nowadays, our country Malaysia is not exempted from facing the brain drain issues as any other countries. The big problem is in terms of our ability to hold and retain our local talent as well as facing a problem in attracting more expatriate into our country. Malaysia is said to be a developing country however we are lack in human capital…show more content…
There are pros and cons of brain drain. Mostly it is a negative impact on the country. Brain drain also known as talent loss. It can lead to shortage of high skilled workers, which is mostly professionals and technicians that working abroad. Malaysia’s brain drain is intensive, not necessarily because of too many are leaving the country but because the skills base is too narrow. This is aggravated by the lack of compensating inflows, since the skill profile of immigrant is Malaysia is geared to the low end. The intensity of the brain drain is mitigated by the fact that a substantial share of the skilled diaspora acquired their education overseas, lowering the fiscal costs for Malaysia but also making it less likely for them to return as they spent their many years abroad. To overcome the brain drain issue, Malaysia needs to understand and tackle the underlying determinants of brain drain. Individual respond to incentives and discentives, these are the push and pull factors that drive the migration decision. The government need to do further research on how to empower the TalentCorp to lure the overseas Malaysian returns back to the homeland to solve the problem of outflows of talent

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