Brain Drain In Lebanon

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Brain drain is a controversial topic whether in developing or already developed countries. Till this day, we are having the radical development of innovation all around the world. The effect of such development fundamentally influenced the social, demographic, and economical aspects of the community. Economies rose up, machines started taking over and with the population increase so did standards. Lebanon, being one of the nation’s going through financial challenges, is experiencing a demographic changing sensation represented by outrageous migration of individuals to different nations looking for better work opportunities. This phenomenon is called “Brain Drain". Brain drain, however, just made the economy get tougher to fix where having most…show more content…
Lebanese people are travelling abroad to look for better job opportunities due to the low salaries found in Lebanon. Lebanese professionals are being over qualified to the companies in Lebanon. According to Elie Fares, “it’s not acceptable to live in a place where salaries are unacceptable, you live to constant fear of civil strife and you know you’re not appreciated professionally” as cited by (Lysandra Ohrstrom,2013) in the Daily Star. Some of the causes of being unemployed is being fired or layed off for specific reasons. Many companies ask for employees with experience and attempt to give low salaries. That’s why individuals travel abroad to gain experience and achieve a higher income salary, leading to a better living lifestyle. Rarely individuals do come back to Lebanon to continue living here. The effect of this high unemployment in Lebanon is the absence of investing in opportunities. There is no increase in the opportunity in Lebanon. Very few individuals where they risk it to come back to their home country to invest in it and spend their saving to open a new business in…show more content…
Ever wondered why there are only 4.46 million people in Lebanon, and around 16 million people outside of Lebanon? Well this is because of the lack of investing businesses in this country. The political parties that are found in Lebanon are leading to a massive economic depression. Where individuals have to be a part of one of the parties found in Lebanon so they can have, not a wealthy lifestyle but a minimum of, a normal living lifestyle. Lebanon is a country where its lifestyle is expensive comparing to the salaries that are offered around. Lebanon has been overwhelmed by a recently re-emerged campaign of bombings, as well as political eliminations, since the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005. According to Assem Safieddine (2004), in Daily Star news, “The most educated persons represent the highest percentage of emigrants and 46.3 percent of university graduates over 20 years of age are emigrants versus 13.9 percent residents.” This instability that is happening in Lebanon is being unacceptable by its

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