Brain Injuries: Movie Analysis

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Brain Injuries
There are a lot of different brain injuries in the world. Many of us know about a few major ones like Concussions, which is the temporary state of being unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. Alzheimer 's disease, which is a neurological disorder in which the death of brain cells cause memory loss and cognitive decline. Also others like strokes, dementia, seizures, etc. Not all of these brain injuries and be cured and some even lead to death.
Throughout America, We have heard stories about different brain injuries and how they are caused. In class we watched the movie concussion, which came out in 2015. This movie started out with a retired football player named Mike Webster who goes crazy, or what we thought was him going crazy. Mike kept complaining of severe headaches, dizziness, And that he could hear voices in his head. He had been to the doctors several times and they had done every scan possible. One day he had, had enough and committed suicide. When the body was sent to the morgue, A neuropathologist examined the brain thoroughly and came back with no abnormalities in the brain. The pathologist working on his body thought that was strange and had his brain examined under special equipment. This results led to the doctor making a startling discovery: another
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He was flown to Portland and had a major surgery done there. He woke up seven days later and the doctor asked him if he knew where he was. He replied with “ I am in the Bank Of America”. The doctor shocked at his response, brought him back to full consciousnesses and told him what had happened. Jeff should have died the day of his stroke, but he did not and we are all thankful for him. Jeff still however, forgets things, or repeats things over again, oh and when hes nervous he stutters, but other than that he has recovered remarkable from his brain
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