Brain To Brain Interaction Essay

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Introduction Brain to Brain Interface (BBI) has been made likely as the way brain cells interact with each other. A process is known as synaptic transmission in which cell to cell communication occurs, chemical signals passing among cells ensuing electrical spikes in the other or the receiving cell. Synaptic transmission formulates the base of all brain activity, these activities are motor control, memory, observation, and emotion. Since cells are linked together in a network, brain activity produces a harmonized pulse of electrical activity, which is called a brainwave. Changing in the brain waves conferring to the perceptive procedures that the brain at the present time is working through and are characterized by the time-frequency outline of the up and down states or oscillations. The first demonstration of this was in a 2013…show more content…
In some aggressive systems that require surgery, there are risks regarding brain lesions. Besides, both in aggressive and in non-aggressive systems, some more indirect effects may arise, like a periodic initiation of specified pathways or brain regions on the BBI part may affect brain working in several aspects. Being part of the multi-brain system may also have complex repercussions on a person's concept of self, and there arise many questions concerning self-perception, independence and body ownership. Besides, complex problems with respect to privacy may arise, specifically when the BBI components use signals that the sender is not aware of or signals the sender cannot control. Therefore, it will be critical to clearly define and explain the state what kind of information will be transferred and to provide the sender with suitable measures to control the information transfer process. Similarly, it holds for the receiver in order to avoid the unconsented interruption of
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