Brainy Quote: The French Revolution

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“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one 's ignorance” (qtd. in “Brainyquote”). The period of enlightenment was a time when many French wanted to apply laws of science and logic to life, and began seeking even more answers to things in ways that no one had thought of before. One such inclusion of logic was when philosophers disagreed on the idea of an absolute monarch, and what position it should have in society. During this period, the idea of something drastic such as a revolution was blooming, and making its way into reality. The French Revolution was predominately caused by political, economic, and sociological discontent in France. The French Revolution was partially caused by political disdain in France during the time of Louis XVI’s…show more content…
France’s Third Estate proportionately owned far less land then either the First or Second Estate, even though there were far more commoners. Even so, this Estate was forced to pay taxes, while the other two were tax exempt. Also, the Third Estate contained members of the Bourgeoisie, who made up the middle class and whose classes were not mobile to become a noble or clergy. “The members of the bourgeoisie are kept down by these useless members of French society” (qtd. in “Causes of the French Revolution”). If a group of people don’t work well together, and a class system is not mobile, then there will most likely be conflict among these people. Sociological discontent was one of the key factors in causing a major revolutionary war that cost many lives. In conclusion, one can see that the key factors initiating the French Revolution were political, economic, and sociological discontent. Louis XVI failed to solve many sociological, political, and economic problems in France. In doing so, it would lead to him being beheaded in the country that he once ruled. The revolution pushed for change, and that was obviously present after the French Revolution, for better or for worse. The world can learn many things from the French Revolution, such as the fact that an absolute monarchy will never work, and the people it oppresses will always be pushing for their
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