Bram Stoker's Dracula Fictional Novel 1951-Today

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Amy Wanguba Bram Stoker
Dracula Fictional novel 1951-today
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Written in 1951, this book starts off with an English lawyer named Jonathan Harker who travels to a castle in Transylvania. On his journey there he passes by a non-city environment like area where he is warned about the place he will be going to. Harker, being scared, still continues to travel to the castle of Count Dracula. The problem is that they meet wolves that almost killed them while they were riding in the carriage. Somehow he arrives safely to the castle that was out of condition and meets Dracula, who was described as a very nice and welcoming gentleman.
Later on, Harker finds out that Dracula is a man that has unnatural magical powers,
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For example when his firm told him he needed to go to Dracula for a transaction, and he went anyways regardless to what people warned him about. As for me I would have done the same because that was an order from work which meant it was important.
The main conflict was that Harker got stuck in the castle of Dracula, but got out safely without getting attacked by the three female vampires. He ended up getting sick when he was trying to get back in England and he stayed in Budapest for a short while. Harker arrived late in England, so no human there knew about the vampire that came and sucked people's blood, and ended up killing Jonathan’s fiancee's best friend. This book is not christian so I think that Jesus would tell the people there that there is nothing like a vampire and to stop worrying and instead look upon God to keep them safe.
I would only recommend this book to people who love horror themed stories because the book really is only based on that. Some parts of the book are bad, so sorry for the people who try to put themselves in the book's story because it had one scene where the three vampires were trying to seduce and kill Harker. So it is not a boring book but some of the sections were confusing and

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