Brand Analysis Of Limca, Thums Up And Coca Cola

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Limca: Brand Analysis

When one hears the word Limca, it always brings about memories of yester years when the brand used to be Indian. Limca, Thums Up and Maaza are the only two Indian soft drinks which have persisted in the market and also got acquired in the process. In many ways, the brand also calls forth the Indian in me and I see what Indians are capable of even at the world stage. So, it is a symbol of competence, persistence and excellence.

The current parent company of Limca is Coca Cola. When you hear Limca, the thought that comes to mind is that it is a no nonsense drink to quench thirst with a lemony taste. It’s a brand for one and all which crosses social as well as economic differences.

Another associated brand which comes to mind is that of Limca Book of World Records. Very popular in India, Limca made a mark for itself with this marketing strategy. Even with many lime based soft drinks are available in the market today, people trust in this brand has not worn out and it continues to make a mark for itself.

2. SWOT analysis Strengths
Very good distribution and sales network.
Very good advertising and branding.
Historically known and trusted Brand in India.

High market price as compared to manufacturing cost.
Major chunk of spending into marketing and advertising.
Health conscious people may not prefer aerated drinks like Limca.
Market is growing in India.
Global Brand Coca Cola can be added to Limca’s brand value.

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