Brand Equity Advantages

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Nowadays, in order to sustain longer in the business worlds, the organization or company have to compete against their competitor through the competitive advantages. Building brand equity or strong brands can be considered one of the important elements that drivers of business success as the brand are to be said “the heart of marketing along with business strategy”. As there are many identical products or services available in the market, customer have the opportunity to chose and then select what best fits and the most beneficial to full fill customer’s interests. As the time passed by, customer’s decision processes are not only merely based on simply laying on its fulfillment of the functional needs but also influenced by the emotional benefits…show more content…
Having a positive consumer-based brand equity can lead to long term revenues, greater margin profit and success in term of marketing communication. To develop successful strong brand equity, it involves several stages that have been assembled as a set of brand building blocks. The brand building blocks also aims to identifies areas of strength and weakness as well as to provide guidance to marketing activities. Professor Kevin Lane Keller introduced a pyramid model known as customer based brand equity model that focusing on understanding how customer felt, recognize, heard etc. on the particular brands based on their experiences using the brand over the time. The customer based brand equity models compose of four-stage; brand identity, brand meaning, brand responses and brand relationship. Within the four stages are six brand building blocks that can further helping the development of the brands, with middle of two stage is separated equally between two factors. These are brand salience, brand performance and imagery, brand judgment and feeling, brand…show more content…
Brand performance is related to the ways MOOV attempt to the satisfaction of customers’ most functional needs. The ingredients used in MOOV can produces warmth and aids to ease the pain relief quicker. Reliability using MOOV are consistency in performance, 100% ayurvedic to heal backache and having no side effects while using it. In term of durability, consumer can consumed MOOV tube for several years (3-4 years) considering to be stored in dry condition. Style and design are suited for convenient uses for customer in term of packaging by using lami tube and spray cans with attractive feminine design colour and produce pleasant smell (not strong) to customer preference. As for Brand imagery are relates to the satisfaction of customers’ social needs. MOOV can satisfy the needs of user profiles such as housewives, working people and elderly person that consumed the product more frequently. MOOV products available in many channel of distribution or store which made easier for customers to purchase MOOV when they need to ease the pain or can stock for future emergency situation. MOOV can be use anytime and anywhere when

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