Brand Equity Analysis

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Brand image is the key driver of brand equity, which refers to consumer’s general perception and feeling about a brand and has an influence on consumer behaviour. For marketers, whatever their companies’ marketing strategies are, the main purpose of their marketing activities is to influence consumers’ perception and attitude toward a brand, establish the brand image in consumers’ mind, and stimulate consumers’ actual purchasing behaviour of the brand, therefore increasing sales, maximizing the market share and developing brand equity. Brand equity is the focus of both academics and practitioners; however, there is no paradigm among the brand equity studies by now. Most studies measure brand equity from perspective of consumer or from the…show more content…
Despite the change of consumers’ life style and the way of information processing, brand image remains the dominant impact factor of consumption decisions. On the other hand, some researchers believe that brand equity should be evaluated in terms of market share, market value and cash flow. Also, extant studies take financial performance and non-financial performance as the manifestation of brand equity. Financial performance can be described as brand premium and market share; non-financial performance refers to the brand awareness, brand reputation, brand loyalty and brand association. Following the brand equity analysis in the perspective of consumer and perspective of non-financial performance, this study analyzes the relationship between brand image and brand equity by examining consumers’ attitude and purchase…show more content…
The league, founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2008, is scheduled over April and May of each year.
The IPL is the most-watched Twenty20 league worldwide. In 2010, the IPL became the first sporting event to be broadcast live on YouTube. The brand value of the 2014 Indian Premier League was estimated to be US$7.2 billion. Rajeev Shukla and Sundar Raman are the current chairmen and chief operating officers of the league, respectively.
Of the 11 teams to have competed since its inception, five have won the title at least once: Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Ridersand Chennai Super Kings have won twice while Rajasthan Royals and Deccan Chargers have won once. Chennai Super Kings was earlier the most successful team, who won the title twice and having qualified for the finals in every season except in 2009 and

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