Brand Equity Model: A Case Study

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Since the Second World War, branding has become an integral part of marketing. At start it was the need to be able to create an identity of the product when competition was increasing and many products were entering into international trade. However, as the markets matured so did the branding concepts where it is no long merely about identity but much more developing into brand management which would allow the marketers to be able to develop a brand that had values, personality and much more. Likewise, in today’s technology savvy environment, where globalization has led to internationalization of brands easily requires branding much more than the brand management it is about the customization and creating brands that are able to meet the needs…show more content…
Therefore, the added value the brand has gained due to being popular. There are different ways one can calculate brand equities. Marketing scholars have come up with various brand equity calculating methodologies such as Asker Model, which evaluate the different attributes of the brand. Moran brand equity index measure the brand equity by three factors – effective market share of the brand in the market, the relative price as compared to competitors and the durability, which is the customer loyalty to the brand. Young and Rubicam’s Brand Asset valuator they also measure brand equity using different dimensions which are differentiation, relevance – meeting the customer needs, esteem where customers can relate to their personality and the knowledge – consumers awareness of the brand. While on the other hand, Interbred measure the brand equity through evaluating the financial performance and the future projections of the company’s…show more content…
These are cost leadership, focus and differentiation. Google Inc. has business strategy is based upon Porter’s differentiation strategy. This strategy stresses upon developing and producing products and service different from competitors in the industry. The company emphasizes on creativity and to develop different products that eventually lead to success. Google is the web search engine king, who came up with many different new technological products such as the Google ads and providing one of the most refined extensive web searches. The company has also been able to develop other websites such as Gmail and plays an integral role in the smartphone industry by providing its Android smart phone operation systems. It is the leader and pioneer in developing global map website such as Google Maps or even with image of global sites such as Google Earth. Google has also been able to acquire many successful websites and develop and enhanced them further such as YouTube (Google Inc.,

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