Brand Image Conclusion

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5.1 Introduction to the chapter
In this chapter, a conclusion has been drawn based on individual objectives of the study. Further, the chapter makes recommendations that may be followed by brand marketers to better influence purchase decisions of consumers by improving brand image of their brands. Lastly, the chapter briefly discusses scope for future research.
5.2 Conclusion
The study has been conducted with the main aim of determining the impact of brand image on the buying behavior of the young adults in Indian FMCG industry. This section discusses the findings of the study vis-à-vis individual objectives and presents them conclusively.
5.2.1 Objective 1: To understand the antecedents and consequences
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While some researchers include brand value or brand equity as a consequence of brand image, the current study excludes it because brand value is more a consequence of brand trust and loyalty, rather than brand image. Limiting this discussion to brand trust and brand loyalty as the consequences, it may be noted that brand trust develops over a period of time when a consumer continually experiences or uses good quality products or services from a brand of which he holds a good image. Thus, it relates to multiple satisfied experiences or encounters with such brand. Brand image also fosters consumers to engage in repeated purchases of the brand’s products and at the same time, refer the brand to other consumers, which may be explained as the brand loyalty of a…show more content…
Thus, it is recommended that the marketers focus on increasing such awareness among people which would in turn help in building brand image. Further, it was found that quality of the products of the brand works towards building brand trust among consumers. Thus, it is recommended that companies offer their consumers with high quality products and no compromises are made on the same. This can foster a lasting relationship between consumer and the brand. It is also recommended that since the young adult consumer is largely affected by the brand image, marketers try to focus more on luring them as consumers and target them directly in their advertising tactics.
5.3 Recommendations
The researcher came up with the following recommendations which may be followed to enhance consumers’ purchase decisions:
1. Since it has been found that young adults are influenced by the brand image resulting in buying behavior, it may be recommended that companies focus more on targeting this group of consumers by directing advertisement campaigns towards them.
2. Companies may use celebrity endorsement more effectively to achieve the desired brand image level. Considering the high costs of celebrity endorsement, it is suggested that the companies makes efforts to utilize it fully.
3. Companies may make more efforts to make more and more
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