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3. Literature Review • Brand Image Brand image is the variable which enforce a consumer for finding difference between brand and its competitors. Brand image consist of expectations, impressions and beliefs that a person holds about brand. The overall perception of consumer about quality and service can be created by brand image. Brand image is nothing but organization character. Brand image may create by good experience or sometime by observation. A positive brand image is created when a person is associated with a specific brand and recommend that brand to others. Brand image is one of the most powerful aspects that establish the reputation of a specific brand in the marketplace. Without a positive and strong Brand Image, companies cannot…show more content…
• Consumer Awareness Many studies have been done on consumer perception and awareness about brand. Keller (1993; 1998) described consumer perceptions about brands as brand knowledge, which consist on brand image and brand awareness. Hence according to Keller Brand awareness means recognition and recall of brand. Brand Image is defined as,“a perception about a brand which is reflected by the brand associations and it is held in consumer memory” (Keller). These associations are related with attitude towards brand and brand quality. Similarly, Aaker (1991, 1996) refers that brand associations are anything which are related to consumer’s memory.Not only creating the brand image is important but also maintaining brand image is an essential part of a firm 's marketing program (Roth, 1995) and branding strategy (Keller, 1993; Aaker, 1991). Band image also related with the prestige and non-prestige of product K Amna& S…show more content…
Consumers always prefers to the most famous and trustful brand. Product quality and price of brand also affect the consumer buying behavior. Consumer wants the product having best quality and wo talk about cosmetics no one take risk for it because it directly affects our skin. Product quality is the expectation of a consumer. If brand is not able to meet the consumers expectations, consumer consider it’s a low-quality brand. Consumer compare the prices of brands. And purchase the product with best outcome in low price but in many cases, consumer can pay more for better results. The product has design which attract the customer and easy to carry. Fashion leaders purchase the product which is more stylish and can satisfy their ego. The brand promotion has unique impact on brand image. Well designed and executed promotion can be a very effective way to become h customer loyal and to differentiate a

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