Brand Loyalty Assignment

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The customer who re-purchases the product which is manufacturer manufactured the specific product that is available in the market offer by different companies. That is called brand loyalty. It is called brand loyalty which customer purchase consistently specific brand from the different other brands available in the market. According to the Carman (1970) opinion the most important thing of product loyalty is retail loyalty. When customer have enough choice about different brand under one roof this will bound him to switch to other brands which are available in the market. So the store loyal customer always increases the brand loyalty because he thinks that all benefit of his brand is better than other brands. The brand loyalty
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According to Mcconnel (1968) point of view for the whole understanding about brand loyalty, then enough work required. This research aims to define the important factors which not related to time and also show the different advantage which customer gain from re buy of that brand. Advertising also affect and enhance the brand loyalty because through advertisement company motivate the customer that brand offer by company give value and quality according to its price. Brand equity always understands with the quality and uniqueness which is related to customer memory (Dillon et al 2001). Attraction of customer is base on company’s offered product which attracts the customers according to their needs and wants. If company is providing the product according to customer need and wants that thing increase the satisfaction of customer and brand loyalty. According to Bayous (1992) that analysis provide help the company and retailer to identify the brand loyalty which related customer means that make brand attractive. There are number of variables which influence the re purchase trend. This influencing variables are still hidden they are not explored. When a consumer re purchase a commodity, there are many other external factors that affect its re…show more content…
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