Brand Loyalty

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The main focus from this study is to understand the relations between customers and brand loyalty. This study can help managers or organizations to understand why customers choose one product more than the others. This understanding of consumer behavior to a product will help they know what is important about the product and what to focus on in the next market decisions. Brand loyalty:
According to Gilani and Mosavian (2010), the brand loyalty is about the possitive perspective of a product , service or brand. The amount of customer that stick to a particular brand.
It has been consider in a long time that the main structures of maketing is brand loyalty, the loyalty to a brand or a product is the special value of a brand name. The brand
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This is why customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in brand loyalty, companies and managers are trying to design the product that fits with what the customer wants and needs. The satisfactions of a brand loyalty begin when the customer purchases from an identical brand (LaBarbera and Mazursky, 1983). Customer satisfaction play a vital role as an information driver This has also reveal that the evaluation process of a service in consume or purchase can leads to two aspects that can decide whether the customer will continue to using the service again or not is the attitudinal loyalty and the purchase…show more content…
The perceive quality is responsible to maintain the relationship between the customer and the supplier, keeping the perceive quality high can affect the loyalty and the success of a company (Aaker, 1991). The perceived quality is also defined as a kind of attitude, it happen if the perception of quality can deliver as the customer’s expectation, and make it differentiate from the satisfactory aspect. (Aaker, 1996) also shown the different between the real quality and the perceived quality, it can affect negatively if a bad image attach to a product. The customer usually evaluate the quality of a product base on their experience and knowledge of them, and if a product have a bad perceived quality in the past, they will not trust a product anymore even though the company raise their product

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