Brand Personality Dimensions

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Metrics of Brand Personality
Human and brand personality traits share a similar conceptualization but they differ in terms of the way that they are formed. While, the traits of human personality are inferred from an individual’s behavior, attitudes and beliefs, the same for brands is inferred through some form of direct or indirect contact that the consumer may have or had with the brand. A brand’s personality traits can also be associated with personalities of the people associated with the brand, like a celebrity endorser, CEO, etc. Indirectly, a brand’s personality also gets mapped through the product characteristics, advertising style, price and distribution channel.
Two types of brand personality scales are used to measure the extent
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Although some factors of human personality traits are mirrored on brands as well, the validity of such scales is also questionable.
In order to develop a reliable and comprehensive brand personality measurement tool, a framework to that effect was developed. The framework isolates the distinct dimensions and treating brand personality as a one-dimensional construct, it is able to distinguish between the multiple ways in which the brand personality construct influences consumer preference.
The framework throws up 5 broad dimensions of brand personality. These dimensions are in turn comprised of a 42 item brand personality scale, which has been found to be reliable, valid and generalizable. The scale so developed can also be used to gather insights into the antecedents and consequences of brand
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The company has over the years grown to become one of the most valuable brands in the world, operating directly in around 30 countries and in partnership with networks in over 50 others. The company has kept pace with the changing technology and has moved from providing only call service network to ubiquitous data networks with numerous value added services to customers.
Vodafone’s foray into India
In 2007, Vodafone acquired the controlling stake in Hutchison-Essar (India) for US$19 billion (including debt) . It was the biggest deal in the Indian telecom market at the time. Vodafone saw high growth potential in the rapidly growing Indian telecom market, but with low market penetration, making it a lucrative opportunity for the global telecom company.
The other significant partner in the venture was the India based Essar Group, with business presence in Steel, Energy, Power, Communications, Shipping Ports & Logistics and Construction sectors. Essar retained their share in the company when Vodafone took

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