Brand Asset Management: The Hypothetical Positioning Model

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Brand positioning is “act of designing a company’s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customers’ mind” (Keller, 2008). According to Keller brand positioning elucidate what the brand is about and what distinguishes it from the competitor’s brand. The goal of positioning is to make your customers understand why they should buy and use your brand. Start developing your brand’s position by defining the target market you are pursuing, the business your company is in or the industry it competes in, and by stating the key point of difference and key benefits of your brand in the market. Scott M Davis in his book “Brand Asset Management” describes the model of “Brand Value Pyramid” and it illustrates the…show more content…
Our foundation lies in semiotic theory due to our focus on signs. Semiotics referred to as the study of signs and their meanings (cf. Mick, 1986). Originally semiotics was studied by two thinkers F. de Saussure (Swiss-French, 1857-1913) and C.S. Peirce (Anglo-American, 1839-1914). Saussure thought of his sémiologie as a science that studies “the roles of signs as part of social life.” For Peirce, his semeiotic was a “formal doctrine of signs.” The word semiotics today is used to refer to both traditions (Chandler, 2002). Peirce and Saussure are widely regarded as the co-founders of what is now more generally known as semiotics (Nöth, 1990). Semiotics approach was also applied by Sherry and Camargo (1987) who also worked on the analysis of visual symbolism of Japanese packaging. The visual field of semiotics is very broad referred to as “visual aesthetics”. To create brand association the aesthetics signs are used which are colors, materials, shapes used in packaging and advertising moreover the aesthetic styles such as complexity (minimalism versus ornamentalism) or representation (realism versus abstraction; Schmitt and Simonson, 1997). Advertising themes also serve as signs to communicate meanings associated with the brand. Schmitt, Simonson, and Marcus (1995) note that themes…show more content…
With the increasing trend in smart phones and peoples’ inclination towards well-established brands have resulted in a neck to neck competition between the well-known Smartphone companies. Therefore it is essential for the companies to deeply study each and every aspect or attribute of their product and research how consumers respond to the slightest of innovation or change in the product attribute. This will enable them to better understand the need of their target market and develop a product that better serves it. Knowing about consumer behaviour will not only help the companies to better create their product rather it will also help them to wisely position it in the minds of their
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