Brand Quality Perception

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Effect of Brand Name on Quality Perception and preference. Introduction Recently, the consumer consciousness had raised and most of the consumers choose to purchase their familiar and favorable brand. Therefore, if businesses want to defeat their competitors, they have to make consumers love to buy their products and brands. Even though consumers are familiarize to the product they heard before and are willing to purchase the product, brand awareness is the most important factor to influence purchase decision. When consumers want to buy a product, and a brand name can come to their minds at once, it reflects that product has higher brand awareness. Consumers’ purchase decision can be influenced if a product has higher brand awareness (Dodds,…show more content…
Many factors actually affecting us to know more about a brand or a product. Maybe is because the appearance of that product, or it so happened that we looking for the same function of that product, or the sales person successfully persuade us to try on the product, or the advertising we saw inside TV or media apps, or actually is the name of the brand actually attracting us? Brand name represent the value, reputation, quality, first impression, position in consumers’ heart and many other aspect. We select a product because of some reasons. Sometime is because that we hear from our friends that that the product of the brand is performing well, this is call as the word of mouth. Word of mouth means that when a consumer experience positive feelings towards a product or a brand, he or she was satisfied toward the brand, and he or she will separate the benefits of the product to others. Word of mouth is the best advertising for a company and not costing any cost. Word of mouth is the most important aspect that affect the consumers’ behavior. This is why we want to discuss about the effect of brand name on quality perception and preference. Word of mouth happens every day and everywhere. It is a path to transmit news and information faster than traditional marketing such as newspaper advertising, radio advertising, TV commercial and so on. In my opinion, word of mouth is the most important factor that change a person’s mine towards a brand name and indirectly they will feel interested to the brand. Word of mouth is actually related to psychology marketing. For an example, a consumer tired on a new cosmetic product. The product help her to improve her skin problem and become more pretty. After sometimes, she become more confident because the product improve her skin problems. With the good experienced, she start to tell her friends about the product. The product makes her feel glory and

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