Brand Evangelism: A Research Study

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This study offer some important insight in the context of highly involvement of consumer different behavior in the context of brand relationship. The finding of the study indicate that relationship of customer with brand plays an important role. The study suggest that highly involvement and emotionally attachment lead to brand evangelism where customer do positive word of mouth. The growing market for products evidence that consumers counterfeit convenience and meaningful relationships of consumers with the specific brands and services he/she is using (Escalas and Bettman, 2013; Fournier, 2008). Such consumer brand relationships are expected to influence behavior of the consumers toward the interrelated brand or services (Batraet al., 2014;…show more content…
The contribution of this research paper is to provide the foundation for developing a definition of brand evangelism, furthermore this study is to understanding the relationship of brand behaviors on brand evangelism and also to know about the relation of emotional attachment on brand relations and brand evangelism. This study can help to foster empirical research on brand evangelism for first time, although there is some literature present on brand evangelism. The singularity are of brand evangelism and it can be describe as positive word of mouth communication and sharing the information, feelings, experiences and ideas cornering a specific brand freely, and other than that to check the behavior of a consumer emotional attachment. Study found that emotional attachment is a characteristics leading to brand evangelism to utilizing brand commitment, brand trust, brand image and brand…show more content…
In this paper researcher have taken three brand including Huawei, iPhone and Samsung brand in future researchers can take some other brand and target large level of population in which they can check brand evangelism with some other brand action like, Brand equity, brand awareness, brand personality, brand love and to check the mediating role of brand engagement. Although in this study the researcher carefully pre-tested and studied product categories and brand names that utilized in this study, researcher acknowledges that these limitations limit the applicability of the findings to other products categories, brands and services. For future researcher they also have to do research online purchase intention, while taking brand evangelism as main variable. Therefore, to better understand brand evangelism, future researchers need to check the consumer relationship with different purchasing behavior like brand personalities, brand love and brand personalities and enable respondents to self-select the brands or services and categories or provide them broader lists and in there would be some brands like fashion, Food items electronics products etc. Further, although the study utilized and collect the data from the student for further researchers they can broadly target some more population like collect the data from businessmen and employees from well-known

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