Brand Trust: The Importance Of Brand Identity And Branding

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“Trust is a cornerstone of any successful brand. It reassures the customer that the product or services they are buying will live up to the expectations. It’s a basic deal: if the brand delivers, it’s rewarded, if it falls short, the customer will almost certainly take their business elsewhere”. (Curtis, 2004)

There are several functions that overall can create brand trust. Brand characteristics is one main feature to visualize a brand, there are things to consider when developing the brand, the brand name, performance, packaging, presentation and price. Having these aspects into account when communicating the brand, marketers pursue the part of the brand that will catch the target audience attention and what marketing communications objectives are used. It also should be considered the benefits of branding, customers when they learn and have experienced the brand they feel more comfortable and keep depending on that brand.

Then it comes to brand identity, which is along a very important influence in brand trust and helps to succeed the product. Brand identity is a mix of features of a brand that makes it recognisable, this involves colours, symbols and shapes “brand identity is seen as a unique set of brand associations (…) we define brand identity as a set of processes that include the coordinated efforts of the brand strategies in developing, evaluating and maintaining the brand identity and communicating (…)” (Aaker). Brand Identity supports in building a

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