Fashion Industry History

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The history of branded fashion industry is always precisely associated to the history of people behind it. During this past century, it was the retailers, designers and couturiers which laid the foundations to collaborate in order to create design of the modern fashion industry that we know and familiar with. The liberation of women from corseted confinement, the creation of ready to wear clothing, fashion shows, window displays, logos, licensing, lifestyle brands, marketing and even far beyond reach to the protection of intellectual property rights are each a direct result of the ingenuity, bravery and creative genius towards each of the individuals, who were in their lifetimes, stylistic and social visionaries ( 2015).…show more content…
Generation Y otherwise referred as the millennial generation which are born between the years 1980 and 2000 and they are have the intention of purchasing branded fashion products (Cekada 2012). In addition to that, they are also viewed as the generation with a very high buying power (Nowak, Thach and Olsen 2006). It is because they mostly come from a family that earns high income or categorized as an upper middle social class in their society. Furthermore, Generation Y also tends to seek out the authentic, unique and exclusive brands fashion products (Yazici…show more content…
It shown that generation Y have direct influence towards all the purchasing decision of their parents. Additionaly, in Malaysia, people can easily get access of personal loans and credit card thus it make generation Y consumers took the opportunity and can afford branded goods as well as tend to be more consumerism compare to other generations. These underpinned with the report done by Asian Institue of Finance (2015) where the majority of generation Y in Malaysia are living on high cost borrowing with 38% loans and 47% engaged in credit card. Moreover, generation Y may spend all of their own money as soon as they receive it and most of them usually spend on personal services and consumer goods (Martin and Turley 2004). Hence, the culture of generation Y is all about buying and spending. In reference to Martin and Turley (2004) the most top three purchase categories among generation Y are clothing, entertainment and followed by

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