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Cost structure: What costs does the firm’s offerings entail for the firm?

Business case analysis

As mentioned before, we will use the CANVAS business modeling tool’s nine building blocks in order to describe Branded3’s BM. By the word ‘customer’ we will refer to business customers of Branded3. By the word ‘audience’ we will refer to audience of Branded3’s business customer.

Value proposition: Branded3’s value proposition is depicted in the phrase ‘Growth through engagement’. More specifically, Branded3 through its expertise in content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), online PR, web design and development focuses on how to enhance the online presence of its customers (brands and online businesses) as well as how to increase their
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Typically, the highest a webpage is ranked in a search engine search results the more it will be visited by the search engine users (In fact, a search engine success mainly depends on whether it provides its users with the most relevant websites to their search queries-keywords). Search engines rank websites based on keywords that appear often and in main sections of a website (e.g title and headers) and which are relevant with the search engine users’ search queries. In order for the search engine’ s computer programs (spiders and crawlers) to identify and analyze the content of a website and its keywords, then the keywords must be converted to links. Links connect websites throughout the Internet and serve as content descriptions for search engines. How search engines assign value to the links is not in the scope of this report, as an extensive decomposition and technical analysis of a link’s individual elements should be made . We should mention here, that a link analysis also includes the assessment of how many other websites link to a company’s website according to a specific keyword. These links are known as inbound links or backlinks. The more these links are and the more they originate from websites that are highly ranked in the search results, the more valuable they are for Branded3’s customer Nevertheless, a SEO strategy is not only about links. Meticulous research on the popularity of keyword terms (how often search engine users search for them), on how the competitors use them and on the consumer appeal that each search engine has, should be conducted in a preliminary phase. At this point, the interdependence between content marketing and SEO becomes apparent. Through SEO,

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