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A branding can be classified based on the main branding elements which are used by the companies, additionally, we should look at the branding elements separately, because it is complicated to define, what does the brand is. Moreover, we will look closer at approaches, how the elements should be executed in order to achieve successful and competitive branding. Branding elements are used as an attributes in order to create a particular associations in customers’ minds. A successful brand will show, communicate and deliver a benefit of its services and company in general towards customers, partners and owners through those elements. Nevertheless also the internal branding elements are important, because companies have to be proud of their values,…show more content…
Therefore, in this chapter is theoretical information about a successful use of design elements in branding, design is not only visual elements, it is about how the things are crafted. It is both liquid and label, the name as well as the surface. It means that the design of a brand is much more that the colors and the shape of the package. It has to be connected with the product and it has to be included in the product. Both design and product have to carry the same level of quality and values. It is quite common that when the company says it is doing rebranding, what they actually are doing is creating a new fresh design not the brand. Markets are crowded with different kinds of visual elements and advertisements. The key for successful visual part of branding is consequence would wise from companies’ perspective to use logotypes and symbols in their communications with customers, partners and society. It has to be iconic, and include symbols of field, particular customer service and behavior complex. Companies can choose to use a particular person which represents them and is the so called brands faces. When it comes to colors, the most important thing is the role of the color in the whole brand experience and how it supports other parts of brand. Particular colors can increase the reconcilability of a brand. There are companies which use the same color in every representative material, office design, advertisements, and even their products can only be that color. It helps to create in peoples’ minds an association that a certain color means a particular brand. The same applied to logotypes and symbols. Companies should make a better use of professional agencies for developing their brands` visual elements. For small businesses actually it would be enough if their logo were just a black point in the middle of while paper. Most important is that it is consistent

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