Branding-HR Relationship

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Ambler and Barrow, (1996) were among the first ones to bring together the domains of Human Resources Management and Brand Marketing into a single conceptual area by coining the term employer brand. Employer branding is a specific form of managing corporate identities in their research work states that Employer branding is one such relevant HR strategy in the context of employment, especially in a knowledge based and service economy where competent employees are often in short supply. Where traditional recruitment strategies are short-term, reactive and subject to job openings, employment branding is a long-term strategy designed to maintain a steady flow of skills in the organisation.
Backhuas and Tikoo (2004) in their article presents a framework
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The authors believe that such an interest is more than a passing fad because of three important trends: emerging evidence on the branding-HR relationship, the importance of corporate and global branding, diverse sources of literature from marketing, communications, organizational studies and HRM to produce a model of the links between branding and…show more content…
(2008) in their research work presents the relationship between employer branding and organization fit. Then authors also investigate the process of developing effective employer brand intervention through a case study and found the need for a strong HR and Communication is most effective strategy of employer brand.
Gaddam, S. (2008) suggests that by creating brand images employers can overcome the struggle to differentiate themselves in both internal and external environment. 'Employer branding' is also very prominent in the Human Resource Management (HRM) field and acts as one of the communication magic tools for acquiring and retaining the talent in this fast changing technological era. Author further discusses different factors like psychological motives, organizational cultures, values and branding strategies, which influence the HR executives to attract and retain the employees in the organization.
Society for Human Resource Management. (2008) explores how HR professionals use the employer brand as a strategic tool to attract, recruit and retain
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