Branding In The Hotel Industry

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Branding? Many ask what that is. How does branding even relates to a decision making? Well. Branding in this case means, how does the hotel markets itself to the public and attract guest to stay with them. Branding of a hotel is important as that’s what affects the decision making of a guest. When choosing a hotel to stay at, guest normally will go through the hotel’s website to look at how the hotel brand itself before deciding if they want to stay there. Hotels have always been recognized by its name and, to this extent, have always held one of the features commonly associated with the branded product. Key word: Branding, guest satisfaction Brand image is the key driver of brand equity, which in other words it refers to a guest general perception…show more content…
et al. 2009). The hotel industry has been playing an important role as they are in so much of demand. As time when by, many new competition has come up and started growing bigger and bigger till today. And now we currently have way too many hotels in the world providing all the guest needs. This has risen in today’s industry and created a lot of competition between all the hotel groups. For that, hotels has been creating and coming up with new techniques to help promote their hotel, or in other works this is when their branding comes in place. Hotels brands first create value for guests by helping to assure them of a uniform level of quality (O’Neill and Xiao 2006). As customers’ loyalty grows, the brand owner can capitalize on the brand’s value through price premiums, decreased price elasticity, increased market share, and more rapid brand expansion. Finally, companies with successful brands benefit in the financial marketplace by improving shareholders’ value (O’Neill and Xiao 2006). Besides that we can also talk about co-branding in this situation. Co-branding is when two separate companies form a partnership to enhance both of their brand images. For example, when a well-known bath products company co-branded with a major hotel chain, the bath company was able to boost its profile while the hotel offered its…show more content…
These companies have focused intently on what they know appeals to the type of customers they want to attract, and have determinedly concentrated on delivering what is expected every time. The hotel focuses on a few important aspect such location, premises, service and the product of service offer. Besides that, would also be satisfaction. The level of satisfaction that a guess needs is way too high to be reach by the hotel. Every guest that walks into the hotel has its own level of expectation that the hotel need to reach. If customer satisfaction levels are low, there will be very little loyalty. However, customer satisfaction levels can be quite high without a corresponding level of loyalty. Moreover marketplace. The marketplace is a key factor in the development of loyalty. The area or location where a hotel is build is very important as that is one of the main criteria of choosing a hotel to stay for a guest. The surrounding of the hotel area has to be an interesting place or either has to have a beautiful

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