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Burberry, established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, one of the luxury fashion brands in the world. The first shop opened up in the Haymarket, London, in 1891. Burberry was an independent family-controlled company until 1955, when it was reincorporated. It focusing on beauty, accessories, men, women, kids, all the products offering are strategy in the luxury fashion brand’s marketing mix.


Thomas Burberry, from Basingstoke, Hampshire opened his first store, originally specifying in outdoor clothing.

Gabardine; a waterproof, breathable fabric invented by Burberry himself was introduced to the brand.

The business opened a new store, under the name Thomas Burberry & Sons, in Haymarket.
This site remained its headquarters
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With exclusive distribution and prestige pricing, Burberry prosum aimed to compete with Prada in the high-end market, as they also have minimalist design runway and couture style products.

Burberry Brit also a line under Burberry provides casual wear. With wide distribution and accessible pricing, Burberry Brit competed with Polo Ralph Lauren in teenage market, as they also target younger customers.

Burberry uses premium pricing strategy to sell its products. To keep the image of a luxury brand, Burberry does not compete directly on price in its marketing mix with its competitors but product design, durability and perception. The pricing is done on deeper evaluation on market demand and competitor pricing, so after following customer demand and the willingness to set up the price, it keeps the customers.

Burberry has its presence through 497 stores in close to 50 countries. As all the target customers are located in developed countries, all of the stores are mainly located in highly populated areas, which can guarantee a definite revenue to the firm.

At the same time equal number of people buy online form which constitutes a large percent of
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Burberry’s reputation is also damaged by these. So I suggest setting up a mobile coding system which can discriminate real and fake products. This new system kept those copier away from Burberry, at the same time this is a new element which consumers can protect their rights. Also the connection between the Burberry and customers is enhanced. Besides it is an extension of Omni Channel Marketing Strategy, as a new function of Burberry mobile application. The application will be fully used after launching the new function.


I have been to Burberry in 21st September 2017 in Olympian City.

With the look of local student I didn’t get any service. I tried to pick up the handbag but got stared by the shop assistant in an unfriendly sight. I felt hard about her action, I left the store unhappily after walking around with her indirect banishing.

After 10 minutes my friend with the look of fashion buyer walked into the same store, she was treated total differently. The shop assistant started introducing the new arrival handbag which I just picked.

In conclusion, the experience told me that, the shop assistant was trained to choose target customers instead of serving everyone with same treatment.

I strongly recommend their training should be less short-sighted but serving every potential customers in rational

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