Brandon Bledsoe Case Summary

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Introduction Today’s criminal justice system is made up of many processes that work together in removing criminals from our streets and rehabilitating individuals to be functioning members of society. Though our current system has shown success in many areas there are still many ways that it could be improved. Through Brandon Bledsoe’s case progression, the strongest and weakest links in our criminal justice system will be highlighted.

Description of the Crime
On the night of Sunday December 14th, 2014 70 year old Tommy Burdett was killed and his house burnt down with his body inside (Anderson, 2014). In Foley, Alabama on that Sunday night Brandon Michael Bledsoe, 33, and Heather Elizabeth Raftery, 21, broke into the home of Tommy Burdett in an attempt to rob him (Anderson, 2014). Bledsoe shot Burdett in his bed with a 22. Calber rifle five times, which was his cause of death (Anderson, 2014). Additionally, the couple then looted the house of items such as televisions, cash, jewelry and a firearm (Anderson, 2014). Furthermore, Bledsoe and Raftery proceeded to pour gasoline inside the house and on the body of Burdett, then lit the residence on fire (Anderson, 2014). Bledsoe had received burns to his hands and face
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Brandon Bledsoe and his girlfriend Heather Raftery committed their crime on the 14th of December, within four days both Bledsoe and Raftery were arrested (Anderson, 2014). Bledsoe was spotted by an agent from 1 of the 50 federal law enforcement agencies the U.S. that works with state and local police (Anderson, 2014). Soon after Bledsoe was spotted he was detained, so was Raftery (Anderson, 2014). To expedite the process, Bledsoe even gave a full detailed confession to the law enforcement officers (Anderson, 2014). The efficiency and numbers that our law enforcement have, make it the strongest link in our criminal justice
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