Brandy Melville Case Study

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The indubitable success of brands like Aeropostale, Abercrombie and American Eagle, a few years ago, left a certain pattern for playing cards in the fashion industry. Those brands took their level to becoming the desirable clothing for the youth. But they probably didn’t expect today’s millennial behavior, which is every day harder to decode. The young consumer is unpredictable, yet very predictable. And this is what Brandy Melville understood to perfection.
Brandy Melville is an originally Italian Brand, created in 1994 by the Marsan family. It had been operating in Italy with about 40 stores during 15 years until 2009, when they decided to try the market in the U.S. They stepped ahead, and opened their first store near UCLA campus, at Westwood, California. Very strategic of the brand, because L.A, a close beach, and college girls were all they needed to start their master plan for invading
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Teens tend to go for desperate measures when it comes to approval, and the most common these days include tie-gap painful surgeries, eating disorders and related social issues. This is where Brandy Melville, even in their biggest moment, has to take care of their name and what they are being known for, because they are indeed imposing a type.
This is demonstrated when clicking any product on their web page, where you will find lines stating: “MODEL is 5 '7" with a 25" waist.” The argument is so you “buy easier”, and it makes sense, but again, brands have to be meticulously careful with what they project.
Despite of the increasing negativity among some teens, Brandy Melville still continues to gain acceptability and their success is out of this world, becoming today one of the most influential clothing brands for millennial girls, according to Bloomberg. “Retail analysts estimate the company’s annual sales are in the range of $125 million and growing from 20 percent to 25 percent each year. The brand has cultivated an aura of exclusivity, in part because of the
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