Brave And Anglo Saxon Comparison

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To compare the movie Brave and the Anglo-Saxons times. The girl Brace lost his leg and became a well known person throughout his village. Like when Beowulf attacked Grendel and cut his arm off and used the arm as a trophy. In the hall where they eat they had a stuffed animal (bear) which represents Grendel’s lost arm. The King in the movie (Fergus) is like the King in the Beowulf story. Both of these kings want to protect the people in there village. A bear tried to attack Fergus’s wife and daughter, his army and Fergus tried to protect them but the bear fought them off and broke each and everyone of their swords when they tried to stab him, just like when Beowulf’s men attacked Grendel but he would break their swords when they attacked. The
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