Brave Gretel-Personal Narrative

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Speak in me lord wheat, and tell the story of that brave gretel, savior of her brother hansel from the evil creatures in the woods.
Her journey however is not yet over, for the siblings must return home from the deep mysterious forest.
The villainous creatures of the forest are trying to make the quest impossible with obstacles at every turn.
Of these adventures lord wheat, tell us in our time, lift the great song again.
Brave gretel and her companion have just discovered the old lady occupying the delicious house they’ve found in the forest is not sweet at all.
The duo is being held captive, Hansel is being fattened up to be a meal, and Gretel is being starved as a slave.

Hansel and Gretel have been trapped in the house for 6 months
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As she opens the oven, fire shoots out and burns Hansel’s cheek. He cries as she forces him in.

Brave Gretel approaches and tries to pull Hansel back,but the woman catches her just in time and pushes her into the abyssal oven.
The tortured siblings fell into the raging fire slowly, unsure of how deep it would be, the way a car with broken headlights navigates a tunnel at midnight.
They land in different sides of the oven,and Gretel sprints through the fire calling out for Hansel.He landed with the keeper of the fire, Agnametra, who places him in a cage to let him cook.
Gretel becomes overheated and lost, unable to find her way through the flames to her brother.
Knocked out, she dreams of the events leading her to this affair.

The Forest

The siblings lived in a small shack at the edge of a thick wood with their loving father and scheming stepmother. Hansel was very scared of stepmother, so Brave Gretel would stay up on her own by the edge of the staircase and listen to the adults talk. She overheard her parents one night arguing about money.
Stepmother proposed to ditch the children in the woods, for they spend too much of the families money, which they don’t have much
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